Quality Control and Service

All the articles that leave Alea Spero’s workshops pass an exhaustive quality control, assuring us that every product that arrives to our clients is a product of high standing with an exquisite finish. All of them are: pure Alea, pure craftsmanship.

They say that leather ages like wine, the more years the better, but this is only true if we give it the care it needs.

Tips for good skin care.

Before commenting on its aspects, let’s know what “skin” means:

A layer of strong, flexible tissue that covers and protects the body of both humans and animals.

Once tanned, it becomes leather or tanned hide, which with a little care can be passed on from generation to generation in perfect condition.

The skin is subdivided into two:

The leather or flower is the outer and most noble part of the animal. The so-called nubuck or suede, is the part underneath the leather and equally noble.

Finally, we have the split or suede which is the deepest part of the skin and less noble.

Depending on each one of them, the cleaning and maintenance is different.

Such maintenance for both cases will only be done when required because an intensive cleaning also leads to the deterioration of it.

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The Leather:

The secret to keeping leather in good condition is good hydration. Without it, the skin loses its malleability and cracks appear, as well as stains.

To do this, it must first be cleaned. Wipe with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or surface dirt. Do not let another soft, dry cloth go through immediately. Once done if the result is correct we will let the skin sweat for a few hours and then give the protection or cream. There are many creams on the market use the right one to get the best results. If the wet cloth does not remove all the dirt, use a skin cleaner (there are many on the market) to do so, bear in mind that they are more aggressive and you have to be more careful when using them. Once done we will hydrate it in the same way as before.

The plush (here we will include suede, nubuck and split leather):

As it is hair, cleaning and conservation is different from that of leather.

Cleaning will be done with a soft, damp cloth followed by a dry, soft one. Next, we will pass a soft brush making circles with a slight pressure.

For hydration, look for a specific product for suede or nubuck type, which is usually an aerosol.
Tips for a long life for all skin types.

To avoid scratches, skin is a noble and delicate material like human skin, but it no longer has the ability to regenerate, so scratches produced will be impossible to remove.

Avoid leaving your skin exposed to the sun for long periods, as it is an organic and natural material that is negatively affected by radiation.

Avoid water. If it gets wet, dry quickly with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess moisture, allowing it to sweat for total drying away from the sun and heat sources.

Do not store in plastic bags. As we said before it is a natural and organic material so it breathes. Plastic does not have this property so storing it inside is counterproductive as it can give rise to mould or stains.

When you plan to store it, fill it with paper (like newspapers) making balls to keep its original shape and avoid leaving weight on it by putting it in a cardboard box.