how we manufacture

At Alea Spero, we believe that the warmth of well-treated skin. It can never compare to synthetics which are cold and some are not biodegradable. All the tannings that we use fulfill the norms, ecological and legal imposed inside the E.U.

For all these reasons we bet on raw materials developed in the E.U. with the pertinent controls, to bring our clients the highest standards of quality and finish in all the products we manufacture, in which we put all our soul. Every Alea Spero has a history.

Our workshops located in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), are composed of highly qualified personnel with a long history in the manufacture of leather goods and footwear.

All our efforts are focused on making our customers feel that they are part of the Alea Spero team and that they think: “I unconditionally Alea Spero”.